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Ufologist Photographes Another Alien Craft In England 74
Paranormal on Saturday May 27 2017 09:26
Police Officers Alien Disc Close Encounter In Indiana 80
Paranormal on Friday May 26 2017 15:26
Many Witness Alien Craft Over Vancouver Canada 346
Paranormal on Thursday May 25 2017 14:11
Hugh Alien Craft Encounter Over Texas 714
Paranormal on Wednesday May 24 2017 14:34
Disc Shaped Alien Craft Spotted In Colorado 168
Paranormal on Tuesday May 23 2017 14:43
Dropa Stones–evidence Left By The Aliens 163
Paranormal on Monday May 22 2017 15:34
Photo Of A Real Alien Craft Over Peru 278
Paranormal on Sunday May 21 2017 12:02
Cigar Shaped Alien Craft Observed Near Pittsburg 339
Paranormal on Saturday May 20 2017 18:41
Black Eyed Alien Encounter In Atlantic City N.j. 229
Paranormal on Friday May 19 2017 16:10
Low Flying Alien Triangles Encounter In California 254
Paranormal on Thursday May 18 2017 17:05